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Asian Studies: Courses /Curriculum

Select print and web based resources for researching Asian Studies.

CCP Asian Studies Courses

The Community College of Philadelphia offers the following Asian Studies Courses:

Arab 101 (Elementary Arabic)

Arab 102 (Elementary Arabic)

Arab 201 (Intermediate Arabic)

Chin 101 (Elementary Chinese)

Chin 102 (Elementary Chinese)

Chin 201 (Intermediate Chinese)

Chin 202 (Intermediate Chinese)

Hum 120 (Introduction to Chinese Culture and Civilization)

Hum 130 (Introduction to Japanese Culture and Civilization)

Hum 170 (Middle East Cultures and Civilizations)

Hum 190 (Modern Africa and Asia)

Jap 101 (Elementary Japanese)

Jap 102 (Elementary Japanese)

Jap 201 (Intermediate Japanese)

Jap 202 (Intermediate Japanese)

CCP International Studies Option

The Community College of Philadelphia International Studies curriculum provides a strong foundation in global and international studies. 

Study Abroad Opportunities with CCP


Study Abroad

Studying in another country can be one of the most rewarding experiences of a student's undergraduate career. Studying abroad will widen your horizons and provide you with new ways of thinking about the world as you experience a different culture.Visit the site to discover the locations for study abroad.

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