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Constitution Day Resources: Websites

Interactive Constitution

Browse the entire Constitution and all of its amendments using this interactive tool from the NCC. You can browse by article or amendment, or even by subject. You can share your favorites on social media.


Library of Congress

Library of Congress  provides links to selected collections including U.S. Congressional Documents and Debates, 1774-1875, Bill of Rights, and the Amendments to the Constitution.

National Constitution Center

The Oyez Project

  •  A multimedia site, it provides courts cases and other works of the  Supreme Court of the United States, including oral arguments for important cases.

U.S. National Archives

  • America's Historical Documents   Site allows you to view primary historical documents including the Declaration of Independence, Articles of Confederation,The Constitution, Bill of Rights amd more.
  • Constitution of the United States: Questions & Answers  Did George Washington sign the Declaration of Independence? In ratifying the Constitution, did the people vote directly? Was there harmony in the Convention?  Click on the link to get the answer to these and more questions!      
  •  Constitution of the United States, the Charters of Freedom   Read transcripts, download high-resolution images of the U.S. Constitution, the Bill of Rights and the additional amendments that have been made to the Constitution.

Additional Websites




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