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Library Department Liaisons (LDLs): Main Campus by Guided Pathway

Subject/Discipline Librarians

Business, Entrepreneurship, and Law

Marc Meola (primary)

Nicole Duncan-Kinard (secondary)


Business - General

Business Leadership (degree and proficiency certificate)

Criminal Justice

Culinary Arts

Digital Forensics

Fashion Merchandising and Marketing

Fire Science

Paralegal Studies (degree and proficiency certificate) - Nicole Karam

Technical Studies

Tourism and Hospitality Management (degree and proficiency certificate)

Accounting Paraprofessional (proficiency certificate)

Corporate Social Responsibility (proficiency certificate)

Culinary Arts I & II (proficiency certificates)

Digital Investigations (proficiency certificates)

Electronic Discovery (proficiency certificate)

Entrepreneurship (proficiency certificate)

Fashion Retail and Customer Service (proficiency certificate)

Fire Science and Public Safety (proficiency certificate)

Geographic Information Systems (proficiency certificate)

Post-Baccalaureate Accounting (proficiency certificate)

Creative Arts

Chris Wieman (primary)

Nicole Karam (secondary)

Art and Design

Digital Video Production (degree and proficiency certificate)

Music Performance

Photographic Imaging

Sound Recording and Music Technology


Acting (proficiency certificate)

Digital Imaging (proficiency certificate)

Digital Video Production (proficiency certificate)

Music Production (proficiency certificate)

Technical Theater (proficiency certificate)

Design, Construction, and Transportation

Nicole Karam (primary)

Michael Krasulski (secondary)


Automotive Technology

Building Science

Construction Management

Facilities Management

Interior Design

Advanced Automotive Repair Professional (proficiency certificate)

Architectural Visualization (proficiency certificate)

Automotive Service I & II (proficiency certificate)

Energy Conservation (academic certificate)

Education and Human Services

Jalyn Warren

Behavioral Health/Human Services

Education, Early Childhood (degree and proficiency certificate)

Education, Middle Level

Education, Secondary Humanities/Social Studies Option

Education, Secondary Math/Science Option

Liberal Arts - Social/Behavioral Science


Human Services (academic certificate)

Recovery & Transformation (academic certificate)

Recovery Leadership (proficiency certificate)

Health Care

Jacquelyn Bryant

Dental Hygiene

Diagnostic Medical Imaging

Health Care Studies

Health Services Management

Medical Laboratory Technician


Respiratory Care Technology

Medical Assistant (proficiency certificate)

Medical Insurance Billing (proficiency certificate)

Ophthalmic Technician (proficiency certificate)

Patient Service Representative (proficiency certificate)

Liberal Arts and Communication

Jessica Rossi (primary)

Marc Meola (secondary).

American Sign Language/English Interpreting

Black Studies

Communication Studies


International Studies

Liberal Arts

Liberal Arts - Honors Option

Mass Media

Religious Studies - Marc Meola

American Sign Language/English Interpreting I & II Post-Baccalaureate (proficiency certificates)

Creative Writing (academic certificate)

Science and Technology

Nicole Duncan-Kinard

Applied Science and Engineering Technology



Computer Information Systems - IT

Computer Science


Engineering Science


Network Technology Management and Administration

Biomedical Equipment Technology I & II (proficiency certificates)

Computer Programming and Software Development (proficiency certificate)

Cybersecurity I & II (proficiency certificates)

Network & Systems Administration (proficiency certificate)

Process Technology (proficiency certificate)

Web Development I (proficiency certificate)

Web Development II: Cloud Computing (proficiency certificate)

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