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Open Educational Resources (OER): OER Resources for The Creative Arts

This guide has been created to help instructors locate and use open educational resources (OER).

List of OER Resources Available for The Creative Arts

This list is not comprehensive, because there are a large amount of OER resources available and new ones are being created every day, but it should give you an idea of the high quality materials that are available. You can also search for materials on Canvas Commons.

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Other Resources in The Creative Arts from California State University

Places to find OER

A good place to find OER resources is Canvas Commons. You can find complete courses, modules, and other resources already formatted for Canvas. Just be sure to check the licensing of the resource before downloading it. Here is a guide showing how to use Canvas Commons.

Other places:

How to Use Canvas Commons

Here is a link to a guide that shows how to use Canvas Commons. You can find resources here that are ready to be copied into your Canvas Course Space. Be sure to check the copyright!

How to Use Canvas Commons

Main Campus Library & Learning Commons: 215-751-8394 | NERC Learning Commons: 215-972-6270 | WERC Learning Commons: 267-299-5848