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This guide will demonstrate how to add LibGuides to your Canvas course.

Embedding LibGuides into Canvas

LibGuides (Library Guides) are web-based guides created by Library Faculty to provide assistance in using the Library's materials, identifying resources for topics and courses, and more. We have many LibGuides available, and are happy to work with you to find or create guides to support your courses.

A Canvas LTI is available that embeds LibGuide content directly into your Canvas course. You can select a full guide, a page, a box, or specific content.

Adding LibGuides to Canvas

Adding LibGuides to Your Canvas Course

To embed a LibGuide into a Canvas Module

1) Go to Settings

2) Under Navigation, drag Libguides from the bottom (hidden from student) and place in the course navigation.

3) Save your settings - LibGuides should now appear

4) Click on LibGuides

Note: If you have previously selected Edit Selection, it will clear that LibGuide. You will need to refresh your screen.

5) Make your selections


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