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HIST 180 - Women in History (Murphey): Home

Resources for those taking History 180 with Dr. Kathleen Murphey.

Required Texts

Eisler, Raine. The Chalice and the Blade. HarperCollins, ISBN 978-0-06-250289-6

Wolf, Naomi. The Beauty Myth. HarperCollins, ISBN 978-06-06-051218-7

Ward, ed., Candace. Great Short Stories by American Women. Dover Publications, 1996, ISBN 0-486-28776-9

De Zapata, Celia Correas, ed., Short Stories by Latin American Women: The Magic and the Real. Random House, ISBN 0-8129-6707-0

Nunez, Elizabeth and Jennifer Sparrow, eds., Stories from Blue Latitudes: Caribbean Writers at Home and Abroad. Seal Press, ISBN 1-58005-139-1

Catalog Description

[Women in History (History 180) examines] the role of women in a multi-cultural context studied historically. Special emphasis on women’s cultural and social roles in diverse societies in different periods.

Fulfills Interpretive Studies, American/Global Diversity requirements.

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