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Oral History: Student Oral History Archive

This collaborative guide features the oral history resources created by students, faculty and the Philadelphia community.

Student Oral History Archive

The collection of archived interviews can be accessed using the following link:

Student Oral History Archive

"Philly Stories" Student Oral History Archive

The “Philly Stories” Student Oral History Archive is an ongoing oral history program centered on interviewing members of the Philadelphia community about their backgrounds and documenting the region’s history, while creating opportunities for Community College of Philadelphia students to become more involved with historical research and the creation of primary sources useful to those seeking to learn about the history of Philadelphia. The diverse group of people interviewed grew up, raised families, and worked in the region for decades. Other interviewees migrated to the city from other parts of the United States or abroad in search of new opportunities for themselves and their families. These interviews document the history of the city and the changes that occurred over the previous century. These interviews were created by the greatest resource of the College - our diverse student body. With their ties to local neighborhoods in the city and its environs, they have documented the stories of Philadelphians that we as faculty and staff may not always have direct access to.


The Oral History below is by Robert Sheehan's interview of his Grandfather.

My name is Robert Sheehan, and this is an interview I conducted with my Grandfather. The questions asked are based on things such as: his life in Philadelphia (with work, school, and other life events), knowledge and opinions on Colonial History in the United States, and historical attractions he has seen or might be interested in seeing in Philadelphia.

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Featured Student Oral History Interviews from the Archive


Yefim Melamed

Yefim Melamed was born in Ukraine and lived there during the Cold War.  Melamed discusses his experiences being Jewish in an anti-Semitic environment.  After the fall of the Soviet Union, he and his family migrated to the United States via various countries, where they settled in Philadelphia.


Luis Roldan

Luis Roldan was born in New York.  At the age of 6, his family moved to Puerto Rico.  At the age of 16, his family relocated to Philadelphia and has lived in the city ever since


Albert Carlin Doane

Albert Carlin Doane was born in Ohio in 1925, living through the Great Depression and World War II.  He served in the United States Navy.


Chinh Dinh

Chinh Dinh was born in North Vietnam in 1949.  When the country was partitioned in 1956, his family moved to South Vietnam, living in Saigon.  During the Vietnam War, he served as an officer in the Vietnamese Navy.  After the war, he immigrated to the United States, eventually settling in Philadelphia.


This LibGuide was created by Carol Jewett (now retired), Assistant Professor, Northeast Regional Center Librarian.

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