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Bridging Cultures Bookshelf : Muslim Journeys: Participants

The Muslim Journeys Book Shelf is a collection of twenty-five books, and three DVD's awarded to libraries as part of a grant awarded by the National Endowment for the Humanities and the American Library Association.

CCP Faculty and Administrators


Osvil Acosta-Morales, Department Head, History, Philosophy & Religious Studies

Fay Beauchamp, Professor, English / Director, Center for International Understanding

Jacquelyn A. Bryant,Assistant Professor, Library

Carol Jewett, Assistant Professor, Library

David Presjnar, Assistant Professor, History, Philosophy & Religious Studies

Jalyn Warren, Assistant Professor, Library



William Bromley, Director, Information Technology Support

Kristen Starr, Manager, Grants


Office of Diversity and Equity

Simon Brown

Veronica Kalczewski

Office of Student Affairs

Kevin Covington

Muslim Student Association

Sakina Ahmad

Elisha Buckingham

Mohammad Goubda

Lynda Hernoune


Main Campus: 215-751-8394 | NERC Learning Commons: 215-972-6270 | NWRC Library: 215-496-6019 | WERC Learning Commons: 267-299-5848