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Philadelphia Voting and Elections: RESULTS Election November 2021

This is a practical guide to voting and elections in Philadelphia.

Nov 2, 2021 Municipal General Election

November 2, 2021 is a Municipal General Election.  
Polls are open on election day from 7 A.M. - 8 P.M.
Last day to register to vote: October 18, 2021
Last day to request a mail-in or absentee ballot: October 26, 2021
Mail-in ballots must be received by 8:00 pm on Election Day

Get Informed

Philadelphia Judicial Elections - This presentation explains the Pennsylvania court structure and the process for electing judges in Philadelphia. 

Nov 2, 2021 Municipal General Election Candidates

2021 Municipal General Election Candidates

On November 2, 2021, Philadelphia voters will cast Election ballots to select candidates for the following offices:

Justice of the Supreme Court

Statewide (Vote for One)

  • Maria McLaughlin (Democratic)                      48.38%     Votes: 1,355,819
  • Kevin Brobson (Republican)  ELECTED         51.62%     Votes 1,390,349

Judge of the Superior Court

Statewide (Vote for One)

  • Timika Lane (Democratic)                         45.17%     Votes: 1,263,005
  • Megan Sullivan (Republican) ELECTED    54.83%    Votes: 1,471,003

Judge of the Commonwealth Court

Statewide (Vote for not more than Two)

  • Lori A Dumas (Democratic)                          25.32%      Votes: 1,281,068
  • David Lee Spurgeon (Democratic)               22.95%       Votes: 1,161,289
  • Stacy Marie Wallace (Republican)               26.65%       Votes: 1,348,478
  • Drew Crompton (Republican)                      25.07%        Votes: 1,268,549

Judge of the Court of Common Pleas

Citywide (Vote for not more than Twelve)

  • Nick Kamau (Democratic) [105] ELECTED
  • Wendi Barish (Democratic) [106] ELECTED
  • Cateria R McCabe (Democratic) [107] ELECTED
  • Betsy Wahl (Democratic) [108] ELECTED
  • Chris Hall (Democratic) [109] ELECTED
  • Michele Hangley (Democratic) [110] ELECTED
  • Craig Levin (Democratic) [111] ELECTED
  • Daniel R Sulman (Democratic) [112] ELECTED
  • Monica N Gibbs (Democratic) [113] ELECTED
  • Leanne L Litwin (Democratic) [114] ELECTED
  • Mark J Moore (Democratic) [115] ELECTED
  • John P Sabatina Jr (Democratic) [116] ELECTED


Judge of the Municipal Court

Citywide (Vote for not more than Five)

  • Greg Yorgey-Girdy (Democratic) [117]  ELECTED
  • Michael C Lambert (Democratic) [118]  ELECTED
  • George Twardy (Democratic) [119]  ELECTED
  • Christian A DiCicco (Democratic) [120] ELECTED
  • Fran McCloskey (Democratic) [121] ELECTED

District Attorney

Citywide (Vote for One)

  • Larry Krasner (Democratic) ELECTED
  • Charles Chuck Peruto (Republican)

City Controller

Citywide (Vote for One)

  • Rebecca Rhynhart (Democratic) ELECTED

Judge and Inspector of Election

Citywide (Vote for One) (Elected by Ward & Division)

PDF Version and XLSX Version





  • John T Bender Retained
  • Mary Jane Bowes Retained


  • Anne E Covey Retained 
  • Renee Cohn Jubelirer Retained


         All Retianed

  • Diana L Anhalt
  • Denis P Cohen
  • Rose Marie Defino-Nastasi
  • Charles A Ehrlich
  • Angelo J Foglietta
  • Jonathan Q Irvine
  • Elizabeth Jackson
  • Vincent L Johnson
  • Sean F Kennedy
  • Barbara A McDermott
  • Margaret T Murphy
  • Arnold L New
  • George W Overton
  • Edward C Wright


All Retained 

  • Frank T Brady
  • Patrick F Dugan
  • Charles Hayden
  • Christine M Hope
  • Sharon W Losier
  • Marsha H Neifield
  • Joffie C Pittman Jr
  • Craig M Washington

Ballot Questions

Question 1: Should Philly urge Harrisburg to legalize adult-use recreational marijuana? – YES

Question 2: Should Philly's Office of Fleet Management be elevated to department status? – YES

Question 3: Should the city have more flexibility when hiring candidates from the civil service list? – YES

Question 4: Should Philly be required to budget annual contributions to the affordable housing fund? – YES





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