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Philadelphia & MOVE: News Coverage from 1985-1986

This guide presents a variety of primary and secondary materials related to the MOVE bombing of 1985, and related information about the MOVE organization and its relationship to Philadelphia.

The Philadelphia Inquirer vs. City of Philadephia

As the May 13 standoff escalated, police officers confiscated cameras, notebooks, and other equipment used by journalists from the Philadelphia Inquirer. The Inquirer immediately filed a restraining order against the city, demanding that the city return all of the equipment to the journalists, and that the city be forbidden from confiscating anything further from the journalists. A judge granted the order at 2:30pm. (Click on the image above for the full order.) Image courtesy of Temple University's Urban Archives

The Philadelphia Inquirer

All of these Inquirer articles were retrieved from our ProQuest Newsstand database. Try to find some articles yourself by going to that database and using keywords such as "MOVE" and "fire", and limiting your results to May 1985.

Check Back Soon

We will be posting many more articles here, so check back soon. You can also find primary source articles yourself by using our New York Times Historical database, and our ProQuest Newsstand database. You can limit your searches to 1985-1986, and use keywords such as "MOVE", "Philadelphia", "fire", "bomb", "Osage Avenue", etc. Can you think of other keywords you can use in a search about this event?

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