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Video Creation and Production Preparation Resources: Music

Finding Music Using YouTube Audio Library

More Tools in Your GMAIL Account

Not only does your gmail account include a YouTube Channel, but they have added new production tools to the account. They have a variety of music and sound effects clips available to enhance your video with clearly disclosed usage rights. Google is constantly changing navigation to their resources. That being said, here are the current steps to finding this resource:

1. Log into your gmail account.

2. Click on the 9 dot Google Apps menu on the top right side).

3. Click on the YouTube icon.

4. Click on your lower icon and click on YouTube Studio.

5. Click on Audio Library (found on the scroll menu on the left)

Music and Sound effects clips are available. Creative Commons listing requiring attribution are indicated. 

Important Things to Note for Your Production: Getting Permission to Use Content


  • If you find content online you would like to use in your production, you must investigate to determine if it can be freely used or if it requires the permission of its creator. You will need to look through the website on which it is posted to find the owner of the work or to find any legal information regarding the use of materials posted on the site. 
  • If permission is required, you must contact the owner and ask for permission. 
  • If you cannot determine ownership or any other information to help you with the legal use of the content, you may want to use different content. The web is not a free for all and legal problems could potentially arise for you. Links such as Terms of use or any explanation of the website content usually contains such information.

Understanding Creative Commons Licences

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