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Video Creation and Production Preparation Resources: Media Creation Boot Camp for Faculty

The Media Creation Boot Camp Reimagined for Faculty

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During the Summer of 2020, the Media Creation Boot Camp is being recreated to allow 24/7 access to self-directed tools to provide step-by-step instructions for creating videos. The tabs above are arranged to provide step-by-step direction for handling the process of putting your productions together. You can begin with the 3 Production Stages to get an overall sense for how it can be built. The tabs following that one provide supportive information for handling the steps in the three stages. If you have any questions regarding any phase of the process, feel free to contact for support:

NERC Librarian, Carol Jewett (

NERC SACC Lab Aide, Shomari Weedor ( 

Allied Health Student Community Health Video Archive

SVG > healthy live media wellness - Free SVG Image & Icon. | SVG Silh

The student videos created that successfully met the production rubric requirements can be found on the Community, Cultures and Health LibGuide. Here is a link to that resource.

Rubrics for the AH 101 Student Final Video Project


Below is a link to the Rubric currently used by Professor Ane Marie Kis Duryea for her AH 101 Student Video Project. This project is currently best supported in a 15-week course.

Sample Timeline For Student Preparation Benchmarks for the Final Video Project for a 15 week Course

Below is the timeline currently being used for the ongoing Cultures and Health Video Project for AH101. This collaboration involves Professor Ane Marie Kis Duryea (AH Instructor), Carol Jewett (Librarian) and Shomari Weedor (SACC Lab Aide).

Timeline for Final Project Stages for a 15 Week Course

  • Introduce Course Project after Unit One       

                     -  Create Groups

                     -  Observed Dynamics

                     -  Area of Interest

                     -  Emphasis on Diversity of viewpoint, ideas, etc.

  • Week 3    Literacy Session with CCP Librarian
  • Week 5    Rough Draft PowerPoint, Music Selection, Images - SACC Lab Aide
  • Weeks 6 – 7    Build PowerPoint
  • Week 7  PowerPoint Review by SACC, Librarian and Instructor
  • Week  9    Group Session via ZOOM of Content - Instructor
  • Week 11   PPTX complete review with SACC, Librarian and Instructor
  • Week 12    Technology Production Session ShotCut (with SACC and Librarian)
  • Week 14    Preview Session via ZOOM
  • Week 15    Finals Week Presentation with the Instructor, Librarian & SACC
Main Campus: 215-751-8394 | NERC Learning Commons: 215-972-6270 | NWRC Library: 215-496-6019 | WERC Learning Commons: 267-299-5848