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Video Creation and Production Preparation Resources: PowerPoint Tools

How to Convert an Existing PowerPoint into a Video

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Converting a pre-existing PowerPoint is very easy. Below are the steps to follow:

  • Create a production folder on your device to house all of the content you create below.
  • Convert all of your slides to jpegs. Instructions for this step are located on the Converting Slides to Jpegs tab on this Guide.
  • Next you can record narration for each slide using your phone. These files should be renamed with the matching slide number.
  • Select music, if that interests you. Video instructions for locating free to use music is located on the Music tab of this Guide.
  • Import and assemble your content in either ShotCut or iMovie Video Production softwares. 

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  • Some of the PowerPoint Presentation Features such as animations and transitions will not transfer into ShotCut or iMovie. You can, however, recreate some of these effects in both softwares. Examples of this would be transitions, fade in, fade out, and the like. 
  • Once slides are translated into jpgs they cannot be edited. If you need to change what is on a slide, you will need to go back to your original slide in PowerPoint, edit it and then save that slide as a jpg. 
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