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Video Creation and Production Preparation Resources: Images

Finding Images You CAN Use with Google


Locating images for use in any media work we are creating isn't simply as easy as using Google, copying and pasting, and moving forward with our creation. The images we find are created pieces themselves and thus have usage permissions that are to be followed attached to them. Thankfully, search engine creators have created search options that help to locate this important information. Below is a screenshot of a Google image search result where the Tools button has been reveal a Usage rights menu with useful options for an image search.

On the right side of this guide is a video entitled, Understanding Creative Commons Licenses to help you decide which are appropriate for your use.

Finding Image Licence Usage Information with Bing


Bing also provides access to image usage license information by using the search Filter. The License drop menu provides usage categories which free options. 


Important Things to Note for Your Production: Getting Permission to Use Content


  • If you find content online you would like to use in your production, you must investigate to determine if it can be freely used or if it requires the permission of its creator. You will need to look through the website on which it is posted to find the owner of the work or to find any legal information regarding the use of materials posted on the site. 
  • If permission is required, you must contact the owner and ask for permission. 
  • If you cannot determine ownership or any other information to help you with the legal use of the content, you may want to use different content. The web is not a free for all and legal problems could potentially arise for you. Links such as Terms of use or any explanation of the website content usually contains such information.

Understanding Creative Commons Licenses

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