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Video Creation and Production Preparation Resources: Shotcut Video Tutorials

What is Shotcut? What site to use to download the software?

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Shotcut is a crossplatform (for mac and windows) open source video editor. It is similar to Windows Moviemaker, but offers more creative options. You can download the software to your computer using the following website:



The software will attempt to recognize your computer operating system. and offer a suggested download file. You can also select the operating system you want to use and select from the given download options.

Important Things to Note for Your Production: ShotCut


  • This stage of your production involves many details. It is helpful in ShotCut software to build your video and narration clip audio lines at the same time. (e.g. video clip on top line and same numbered audio clip on the audio line below)


Putting it all together Using ShotCut: Part 1

Putting it all together Using ShotCut: Part 2

Putting it all together Using ShotCut: Part 3

Submitting Your Final Video Production Using One Drive

Shotcut Beginner's Tutorial

Published on Feb 25, 2018 

"This complete beginners tutorial will break down learning Shotcut into small lessons. Click on the timestamp below to jump to different parts of the tutorial." Please note the links below will open in a different window.

1:17 Set layout
2:44 Import media into Shotcut
4:05 Bring clips into timeline
4:30 Creating audio and video tracks
5:39 Moving clips in the timeline
6:37 Track options and viewing timeline
8:56 Trimming clips in Shotcut
9:18 Spitting clips 11:18 Snap tool
11:57 Change clip duration in Shotcut
13:06 Adding transitions
15:09 Adding fades to a clip
16:34 Adding text to a clip in Shotcut
19:40 Adding special effects to a clip
21:00 Green screen effect (chroma key)
22:45 Exporting your project
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